Chronic Pain and Massage Therapy

Chronic Pain and Massage Therapy

Over the last 5 years,

I have experienced firsthand, as well as seen with my own eyeballs the pain relief benefits of massage therapy combined with a stretch practice (yoga, pilates, etc…)

Massage therapy addresses any musculoskeletal issues and brings any tension or stuck energy to the surface to be dealt with by the body.

It is very effective in relieving headaches, migraines, back and shoulder pain.

I have had clients come to me in such agony, and leave smiling with little to no pain.

As a person that has dealt with chronic pain, I have a regular massage schedule for myself monthly, as well as other self-care practices.

In addition to massage therapy, Those self care practices include:

Acupunture, talking with a counselor, yoga, meditation, fresh and healthy foods, and hydration.

I can live with very little to no pain if I stay on track with my self-care for which I am grateful!

I hope these ideas are helpful for you too!

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