Happiness in this Life

“ Happiness will never be accessible To those who fail to appreciate What they already have “-Buddha

This has been hard for me.

As someone that continues to strive for excellence and personal development, I sometimes fall into a “lack” pattern of thinking.

The realization that I am not something that needs fixing

I am not a self-improvement project

Having the awareness to be okay with and not wanting things to be different than they are.

It just is…….


I have struggled to be happy

I have struggled with depression

I do have days that I am better than others

What I have found helpful is :

Daily Gratitude practice and meditation practice 💜

And self – care

What that looks like for me is :

Eating fresh foods, Getting sunshine everyday, 30 minutes at least of exercise that boosts endorphins, Starting with 3 things I am grateful for, Telling at least one person a day I am grateful for you, Carving time for meditation/ reflections daily



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