Hypothyroid and Hashimotos

Hypothyroid and Hashimotos

It began with feeling tired when sleeping for 8-10 hours.
Insomnia some nights and eating at odd hours.
I could not figure out what was wrong with me.
It began to get worse, losing hair and energy.
After some time, I went to get a yearly physical and it showed up on my blood test.
My thyroid levels were out of wack.
I was in a way relived to know what had been going on was not just in my mind, but also scared of the unknown.
They did some additional tests and found it was Hashimotos auto immune disorder.
I was not ready for that news.
My mother had Hashimotos.
And she passed about 6 years ago from breast cancer.
I was scared and the feeling of doom fell over me as I began to think the worst.
I am a usually positive person, but hearing this sent me into a mind-jolt.
I scheduled the cancer screening to catch things early if this was the case, the results came back negative. Thank You God.
The doctors recommend medication for the rest of my life, which I tried but it did not help me.
But this spurred me on a quest to find a holistic cure for myself.
Over the last 4 years, I have learned about energy work, balancing the body’s systems, yoga, meditation, akashic channeling, nutrition, and exercise.
Here is the results of my findings:

Yoga has saved me.
Creating a safe space for me to love myself and others.
Without judgement and fear.
It has helped me release blockages in my body and soul.
Opening my throat chakra

Meditation has been a constant
To calm my anxieties and create a space of oneness with the divine in me.
Learning to trust my intuition and what my body is telling me.
The body is made to heal if only we provide the tools and space to do so.

Herbs and Oils
Lavender and Rosemary Essential oil on my feet before bed
Ashwaganda in a drink called Moon Milk
Iodine and selenium in a Thyroid complex supplement
Rose Oil for the Heart and Throat

Diet and Exercise
Quitting caffeine for adrenal healing
Releasing the anger of the liver
Letting go of thing that do not serve me, alcohol, processed sugar, gluten, dairy
Committing to my body and what it is asking for
Adding in some easy exercise and slowly building up

Self- Love and Self Care
Epsom Salt baths
Journaling, Singing, Knitting, Being Creative, Reading, Planting,
The practice of Being.
I hope this may help you on your journey of healing your thyroid.
I love to chat if you need some guidance on your own healing journey.

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