Why Yoga?!

Yoga is for Every Body





Balancing Mind Body Soul

Yoga is so much more than exercise, it is a movement practice. A combination of postures, breathing techniques, and meditations. “A journey back to you”
A journey to self- love, and acceptance. By implementing the teachings of yoga and meditation, you will discover your highest self, and learned to love who you are, no judgement or shame.

Using Yoga To Discover Your True Self

Step into our weekly classes and see a huge difference in your mental and physical health

What You Will Find In Each
Yoga Class

Each class is a little different, but still focused on balancing your chakras and helping you be present in your body
About Your Yogi
Britaney has been a Registered Yoga Teacher for 2 years. She has been practicing for about 5 years. Yoga has helped her overcome eating disorders and find a love for herself. She is passionate about serving others with the same love and intention that saved her.

Choosing a Yoga Class

How to Pick one that's right for you?

Booking Your Class

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Don’t just take my word for it!
What are my clients saying?
Joan M
I feel amazing! Had a 45 minute Hatha class with Britaney and I feel so much looser. I am new to yoga, but Britaney gave me modifications and I surprised myself! Will come again.
Elizabeth K
I love yoga! Really enjoyed my class with Solstice Wellness Company
Beth B
Thanks Britaney! I enjoyed the class!
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